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Pumpkin Stand Photography Prop

October 11, 2013

Pumpkin Stand

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 😉 Casey’s latest project. Yes, I’m allowed to be a proud momma!

A friend of ours is a photographer and she’s getting ready for fall minis.

It’s A-Z Photography. Check out Alyssa’s adorable pics. She also took Colby’s senior pics and they were fantastic.

She was getting ready to advertise the new fall setting, so she needed pics. Since they set it up in the pasture I tagged along to get my own pics of the finished masterpiece.

Alyssa has three young brothers that were her models. I am not a people photographer, but I just had to get a few shots of actual people posing in the display. Boy, kids move a lot!

I love the display, but hmm…I think I was showing my age when I said it reminded me of Peanuts. I got blank stares and a “huh?”…:0…


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  1. Such handsome boys, all of them. Lucky Mom with such handsome boys. Love the pumpkin stand and the lettering. Really cute. Yeah kids do move a lot, boys almost constantly. Great spot for photography.
    I had two boys, 16 months apart, what one didn’t think of the other one did. The youngest we called the Tasmanian devil. He wasn’t a bad kid just very full of being a boy. He had one of his own also. I used to tease him about paybacks being a Mother. He and his son have had more trips to emergency than all 3 of my other kids. Happy weekend

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