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Painted Fabric Prim Pumpkins

October 17, 2013

Painted Fabric Prim Pumpkins

These frugal pumpkins showed up in my projects for fall craft shows so I thought I would post about how frugal they really were to make.

I was looking for “fall-ish” type fabric to create some new pumpkins designs. Fall color or especially fabric with orange in it was my wish. Unfortunately I had nothing. I did, however, have an old fabric that had been on the shelf for quite some time. It just sat there. I was not a fan.

Light bulb moment! I decided to paint it. You will never look at ugly fabric the same way.

A few years ago I bought a gallon of flat orange paint. I use it for everything…fall-ish. It is now within an inch of the bottom, so a new can will probably need to be purchased by next year.

I placed an old recycled vinyl tablecloth (the cheap ones for holidays) on the floor for my drop cloth.

The fabric went on top of the tablecloth and I painted two coats over the surface.
Tip: If you do this, allow the paint to dry well between coats.

Once the paint was dry I was able to use the painted fabric just like regular fabric.

Check out my full tutorial on FaveCrafts.

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  1. I absolutely love the look of your fabric after you painted it. Your pumpkins are so great, wish I had some fabric I could paint to make some, so adorable. I’m going to be looking in my stash tomorrow to see what I can paint.
    Oooops, already have an idea just sitting here. Some kind of hoaky calico that I could paint, yeahoo. That’s how I work. As an idea takes root in this old brain I think about what I have that might work. We live out a ways from where I can buy fabric and no money anyway, another 5 week month since last SS payday so I will make do. Perfect. This is so much fun. I have lots of that calico so can make pumpkins like crazy. Will go out to Fall box to find the leaves, etc to put on the tops of these guys. So glad I found your blog and you shared this. Great post. Happy days ahead.

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