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End Table/Coffee Table Shabby Chic Transformations

October 7, 2013

Shabby Chic End Table

This end table is similar to one I did a few months ago. Made from a portion of an old vanity, this one had only one drawer.

Unlike the other one, I didn’t need to add a backing to the top edge. I did, however, need to replace the side panels. They were just too warped to save. I used the drawer bottoms from a couple of drawers I didn’t need for my dresser/bench project.

The paint used was the same as the headboard peg rack.

It also got the same shabby chic sanding technique.

There wasn’t a handle, and finding one with matching screw holes proved fruitless. I went with a larger handle that had a back plate that would cover the old screw holes.

Shabby Chic Coffee Table

The coffee table was crafted from what I believe to be an old desk. It was rather tall, so I’m not a hundred percent sure of that.

The legs were shortened and everything was tightened up.

The only thing good about the drawers was their fronts, so I removed the box part of the drawers.

The paint treatment was the same as the end table and the peg rack…

…as well as the shabby chic sanding technique.

I then permanently attached the drawers to the drawer slots.

I had each piece priced separately at last weekend’s craft show, but a customer bought all three as a set. Score!

The entire show was a complete success.


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  1. The little end table was a part of a waterfall vanity. I wondered at first why I saw fabric at the side in the photo. Aha moment. I used to have one of those waterfall vanities years ago before people realized their value (me too). I have a tall waterfall chif-a-robe now in our bedroom. Hubs put shelves in wardrobe side so it’s a great storage unit in our room. I bought it from an antique store outside Smith’s Grove, KY northeast of Bowling Green. I bought several pieces from that same store as I went there often. Now we live west of Grand Junction, CO and there is nothing like that here. I miss the awesome antique/vintage stores we had in KY. They don’t have antique/vintage shows or sales here at all.
    Love all your great other pieces, happy for you they sold at your sale. Love how your redo your pieces. Happy rest of week.

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