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Restyling the Front Stoop

August 23, 2013

Restyling the Front Stoop

Well, I should probably just say “styling” as I have never styled it before. Gasp!
Let me explain.

My house was built in 1907. Things have evolved a lot since then.  There is not parking or a driveway in front of the house, but we can still see faint evidence that a driveway may have been there in the past. The front faces the road, but is hidden from view by trees. The driveway that is here now comes off the road, winds through the barns and ends up at the back of the house. Absolutely everybody comes to our backdoor. There really isn’t anything that hints where the front door is.

Sooo…for years we haven’t given it much thought…until now. I decided it needed a little sprucing up. It just looked lonely and sad.

The area is secluded, but the size of the stoop has always stumped me. It’s so small. Finally I came up with an idea that would expand beyond the stoop. Since it would be a good place to curl up with a book, I worked a chair into the design. I’ll have more on this chair in a later post.

But if there is a chair, it really needs a table to set a drink on. This is one of my tables that I just covered with wood and dry brushed.

The table frame was picked up at a yard sale.

I covered the top with pallet wood…

…then dry brushed.

The ugly pole on the side of the house had to stay. (See before picture.) It is my satellite wifi connection. I built the ladder around the “eye” that picks up the signal from the coop down the road.

A simple project with pallet wood…

…and dry brushed.

But the stoop was still bare so I dry brushed a plant pot and stand that had been gathering dust and taking up space in the garage.

The flowers are just something I grabbed to finish the setting, but I’m thinking fall mums will be perfect in about a month or so.

Lastly, I repainted the door frame and added a simple wreath made from bed springs.


I think this little beauty approves.


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  1. You made a rather empty spot look more welcoming and lots nicer. Looking forward to hearing about that chair. Enjoy your stoop.

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