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New Scrappy Tags on Etsy

May 2, 2013

Scrappy Manly Tags

As usual, I couldn’t stop at just a few of these tags once I got my groove on.

With father’s Day and graduations coming up, not to mention birthdays, other celebrations and thinking-of-you moments, I stitched up a batch for my Etsy Store-Restyled Junk.

But wait!

I was also out of Scrappy Fabric Tags.

Since Mother’s Day is approaching even quicker than Father’s Day, I couldn’t forget the mommas.

Of course, the ladies also have birthdays, graduations and thinking-of-you moments…well, you get the picture.

More Scrappy Fabric Tags.

Click on the highlighted store name or tag names to take you to the store.

Browse around and enjoy! 🙂

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