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Chenille Bedspread Bunny Bag

March 3, 2013

Another Easter offering made from a white chenille bedspread.

Chenille Bedspread Bunny Bag on CraftBits

The bedspread I used for this just seems to go on an on. In the last year I have made things for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas…Okay, since I made multiples of each project I suppose it’s possible that I used a couple of white chenille bedspreads. Chenille bedspreads are like diamonds to me. If I see them while out junking, I just have to have them.

Doesn’t his face look like he wants to tell you where the eggs are hidden?

The cute little ears on the bunny is the handle for the bag. Can’t you just see a little girl carrying this to church? It would also work great as a gift bag, or for gathering eggs during an Easter egg hunt.

I used Easter fabric for the lining, but any spring fabric will work.

Check out the tute here.


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  1. Pretty cute Cyndee!! I am the same way, I love Chenille Quilts, and just have to have them.
    Have a Great Day!!

  2. I had a chenille bedspread that I gave to a co-worker to make something for me and needless to say, that never happened and I no longer live in the area. Now, I think I could make something my self and I can’t find chenille. So goes my luck!!

  3. Awe, such a sweet face. Thanks for sharing. Blessings and smiles, Emilou 🙂

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