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All That Glitters

I love glitter! Do you remember glitter art projects when you were a kid? My recollections are that glitter projects were always done at school, and back then there was only red, green, gold or silver glitter to choose from. I, of course, had to use them all. It wasn’t until I became a mom […]

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Bird Nest-Tutorial

These nests were made using miniature vine wreaths that I picked up for cheap after the holidays. Since they didn’t really scream “Christmas”, I thought the natural vine would be a perfect base for a bird nest. I placed the wreaths on burlap scraps, traced around them and cut them out. The circles were hot […]

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Bead Garland Hearts

I was putting away my Christmas decorations the other day… Okay, that’s a lie…Let me rephrase that. I was thinking about putting away my Christmas decorations the other day…(Better?)…when the wood bead garland distracted me. The red beads kick-started my imagination since I have been brainstorming Valentine’s Day ideas for quite a while. The red […]

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