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Transform a Dress Into an Apron

August 31, 2012

Don’t you just hate it when you see a pin on Pinterest and it has a bad link? I try not to re-pin pins like that, but occasionally I’ll play detective and try to find it to pin it correctly. That’s what I did when I fell in love with an apron photo. I spent way too much time hunting it down. I finally found it…well, sorta. I found a sewing book it was in on Amazon. The description of the book actually didn’t say a lot about this one apron, but it was mentioned. The reviews sealed it for me. They were terrible. Much too terrible to validate my paying for (IMO) an overpriced book. That was okay. I designed a cheaper, easier version, that didn’t require a pattern. I like it a lot better too.

You can find the full tutorial HERE.

I found a jumper dress at a yard sale. It wasn’t my style, nor my size, but I couldn’t resist bringing it home. It had the perfect lines to be reconstructed into a feminine version of a butcher apron.


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  1. Definitely a great idea! I have some sleep dresses that are way too big for me now that I’ve lost some weight, but I cook all the time in them, because they are old and won’t mess up my newer stuff. I hadn’t thought about making them more like ‘aprons’ to wear over my nicer stuff. Fantastic idea! I might just have to do this with some of them.
    Love and stuff,

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