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Rustic Sailboat

It’s been a little (lot) hot here lately. Uh…okay, I know that’s an understatement. My sons have been heading to the lake a lot, but even though I haven’t gone I can still conjure up visions of serene sailboats. I decided to bring a little summer fun to my Midwest living room. Digging through my […]

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Painting | Trash to Treasure | Tutorials

Restyled Drawer Home Accent

My living room has turned into my craft room. Actually, my family thinks it always has been, but that’s beside the point. 😉 Restyled Drawer Transform an orphaned drawer into a pretty box for decorating, organization, or both. This old drawer came from The House. It was pretty yucky, but it just goes to show […]

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Sewing | Trash to Treasure

Chenille Bedspread Washcloths

I usually reserve sewing projects for cold winter months or when it’s raining, but since the heat is on, my sewing machine has been working overtime. I love repurposing chenille bedspreads into something new, something usable and something pretty. This project does all of that. Bedspread Washcloths A pair of washcloths uses up only a […]

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