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Western Style Quilt Rack-Redo

March 26, 2012

I am so relieved pleased at the way this turned out. This transformation should have been simple, but I had one disaster after another. No one was around, so I was able to clean up the messes and move on before anyone could catch me in the act. So why confess now? Eh, it’s more fun if everyone is laughing with you.

This is what I started with. I bought this last year at a yard sale. I think it was $2.

The pink paint and the froufrou bow had to go.

There was a screw that held the bow in place. I figured I could just remove the screw and the bow would magically lift off. Not quite. Somebody had decided it needed a stronger hold. They had also glued the bow to the rack. I was able to pry the bow loose using a putty knife and a hammer. Whew! I added a little wood putty to fill in a few gouge marks.

I made a muddy mess of my first application of paint. I had debated whether to just let it dry and paint over the goofed up paint job, but the paint was so thick and textured, it would have required re-sanding the whole piece. Uhm…No. I was able to wipe it all off while it was still wet. Ugh! I looked like I had been in a mud fight. It wasn’t pretty.

Finally I painted the entire rack using a gray/taupe paint I had in my stash. Much better, but it wasn’t quite there.

I allowed the paint to dry and applied walnut stain over the paint. My plan was to work in sections, wiping off the stain as I went. That, of course, did not happen. Not satisfied with making a mess of the first paint job, I had to tip over the can of stain. I am so thankful it wasn’t full and that I had a vinyl drop cloth under the rack. Have you ever tried to wipe up a large pool of stain? I tried, but the mess just got worse. Since I needed the stain, I dipped my sponge brush in the puddle and continued to stain the rack…fast and furiously. I didn’t even bother with trying to save the drop cloth. Normally I would have been able to wipe up a few drips on the drop cloth and put it away for another job. I didn’t even bother with trying to save it. It went directly into the burn barrel.

Anyway, the stain provided just the right amount of weathering and age to the painted surface, bringing out the western charm. I topped it off with a clear coat without any mishaps.

This iron star was the icing on the cake. Once I glued it to the area where the bow had been, I completely forgot what the original rack looked like, and the pain it took to restyle. Kinda like childbirth! 😉

What do you think?

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  1. Wow, it looks fabulous. If I’d have seen it at a garage sale I’d probably have thought it was a lost cause. Great eye and redo!! 🙂

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