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Christmas All Through The House

December 10, 2011

****Two weeks before Christmas and all through the house,

Scents and sights of the season filled the rooms and pleased the spouse.

The stockings were hung on the buffet with care.

Oh well, no fireplace! I will not despair.

Above the entertainment center was festooned with charm. With no mantel, it couldn’t do any harm.

The snowman decor was stuffed into a birdcage, and I was writing my Christmas lists as another year turned a page.***

Yep, that’s all I got for that parody. I have been thinking about these two weeks remaining before Christmas though. There is so much to accomplish in a short amount of time. I can happily say I am miles ahead of where I was a week ago. The decorations are mostly complete and the pile of baked goodies is making me very happy.

But, all is not calm. I still have masses of Christmas shopping to do and Christmas gifts I really want to craft. So…in keeping myself on track, I am posting a few of my Christmas projects for inspiration. They are, of course, frugal and fast, as I know everybody is in need of quick, inexpensive holiday ideas.

Painted Snowman Pallet

Primitive Candy Candy Ornies

Rustic Wood Sign Ornaments

Spool Snowmen and Reindeer Ornaments

Straw Hat Reindeer Wreath

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  1. I’m loving reading and seeing all your Christmas stuff. Sorry I don’t comment more, but know I’ve been reading it all. I love the decorations and the birdcage snowmen were so cute! Keep decorating and baking and of course sharing it!

  2. What can’t you do Cyndee? You have the best imagination for redoing something into something great. Love all your creations. I came over here to see pallet snowman and cutest little signs. What would be good price to charge for those? Maybe $3? Just wondering. Been so long since we’ve been in craft show not sure how to price things. Hubs cut bunch of pieces for me yesterday and I sanded them all down. Good thing was yesterday as it’s getting might colder today,wind picked up blowing storm in for later tonight and next 3 days. hubsmade a cute tree also. Onlything about not having a garage or basement, no place to work except outside. Enjoyand hope you did great at show today. My hubs is making chicken noodle soup today also. Smells so good in house.
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