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Wedding Card Box

October 16, 2011

This is a card box I recently finished for a wedding. I looked everywhere for instructions, but I couldn’t seem to find the one I was envisioning in my mind. Oh well, like most things, I’ve decided to make my own.

The bride provided me with a paper mache box. It was a nice box, just a little too small to insert wedding cards into. I really felt like the cards would get stuck at an angle, causing the box to be unusable. I went out on a limb here and added to it. I recently found a slightly larger box at a yard sale to make a stack. I really hope the bride doesn’t mind.

I started out by painting the outside of each box and lid using a white acrylic paint. The satin I used was pretty thin, so painting the boxes would prevent the color of the boxes from shadowing through. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of the boxes in their original color.

I cut out the bottom from the small box a 1/2 inch from the the sides and centered the same size opening in the lid of the larger box. I also cut a card slit in the lid of the smaller box.

For each box and lid, I cut a square of satin fabric large enough to cover them, plus a little bit to fold to the inside. I lined each square with heavy-duty fusible web. I only bought a yard of satin fabric, so I had to piece the squares for the lids. The seams were covered up when I decorated the box.

The boxes and lids were each covered like a gift with the squares of satin. I ironed the fabric to the boxes, tucked the edges inside the box and ironed them in place. Any place that had a fold that covered up the webbing was hot glued to secure.

I cut slits in the fabric at all the cut outs on the box and the lids and folded them to the inside. Hot glue (since I couldn’t get my iron inside the boxes) was used to secure the fabric inside the box. The bottom of the small box was then glued to the top of the large lid.

Decorating the box with trims reflecting the colors of the bride’s wedding was all that was left. I don’t have pictures of this process, but keep in mind, if you attempt this project, be sure to only secure the ribbons and trim at the top. The ribbons can then be slid off the sides after the wedding, allowing access to the cards inside the box.