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Restyled Patriotic Jumper

July 1, 2011

This jumper has never done it for me. I can appreciate the patriotic design, but not the jumper design itself. I have had it for several years, but I don’t think I have worn it even once.

Wow! After taking a picture of it, I am noticing how uneven the construction is. One leg is shorter than the other and the pockets are not even.

I am SO glad I never wore it.

Why get it out now?

For the last couple of years my husband and I have had quiet Independence Day evenings at home while the kids went out to celebrate with their friends. I have rather enjoyed it, but this year, my husband wants to go to a fireworks display.

Okay, to get into the spirit for our “date” I decided I needed something new and patriotic to wear. Honestly, I could have just gone shopping, but it’s just too darned hot. Also, if you have ever lived in a small town you know that shopping options are very limited. The whole town looks like they all got dressed from the same closet.

I cut straight across the jumper, just above the pockets. This gave me the perfect length for the top. The jumper is made of a jersey fabric, so I decided to sew a zigzag stitch along the cut raw edges. I stretched the edge slightly to allow is to ripple. Yippee! The top is done!

Okay, now I am left with the shorts part of the jumper. It will make a great tote for carrying water bottles and bug spray. See, I am thinking ahead to our “date”.

I opened the crotch and had a tube. I turned the tube inside out and positioned the crotch edges on each side edge. This will make one side of the tote blue and one side with the red and white stripes. I pinned and stitched the side edges and the top cut edge. The top cut edge of the shorts will be the bottom closed edge of the tote.

To give the tote a flat bottom, I stitched box corners.

After turning the tote right side out, you are probably thinking I screwed up. The pockets are now upside down and sewn shut. No big deal. I simply cut slits in the pocket for access. Remember, the fabric is jersey and doesn’t require finishing the edges.