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Koolaid and Crafting Through a Heatwave

July 24, 2011

Triple digits again!

I knew we were going to have another hot day, so I decided to do a little bit of fabric dyeing. I don’t like drying these dyed fabrics in the dryer because of the residue it is sure to leave behind. I decided to take advantage of the heatwave we are having. I hung the fabric on the line and they were dry in no time.

I did a little basic dyeing with Koolaid. The color of Koolaid is vibrant in the pitcher, but not so much on fabric. This project called for orange.

This was my basic procedure for dyeing a white chenille bedspread.

Mix two packets of unsweetened orange Koolaid, one packet of unsweetened strawberry Koolaid and one cup of vinegar with 2 quarts of water.

I precut smaller pieces of the bedspread, wet them down with water and submerged as many as would fit comfortably in the dye bowl. After moving them around until I was sure they were well saturated, I put the bowl in the microwave and heated for 10 minutes on high. I then let the fabric sit in the dye for 20 minutes longer.

I rung out each of the pieces and hung them on the line to dry. Note: I did not rinse them before drying. From previous experience with Koolaid, the color will drain out during rinsing. The pieces were for craft projects, so I wasn’t too concerned about bleeding later on. Btw, it is also probably a good idea to wear rubber gloves for this process.

Uhm…yep, I’ll admit it, I didn’t have any and decided to go ahead anyway. BIG mistake. I think my skin is oranger (I’m pretty sure that’s a word) than the dyed fabric.

This is what I made with my Koolaid dyed chenille. These pumpkin lights were made with repurposed electric Christmas candle sticks. When the article/tutorial is published, I will post the link.

During this heatwave, I tried to work inside as much as possible. I also completed this box of primitive Halloween cats. They were made using wool from old suits from the 50s. Ya just gotta love cheap craft supplies.

These spool peg racks also got finished.

Again, when the articles/tutorials are published I will post the links.

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    1. It is kinda fun, just not as bright as I would like. There is no sugar in the little Koolaid packets so it’s not sticky. Smells good though.

  1. Such a simple, clever idea. I love old spools of all kinds.So many things you can make with them. Have you ever worked with the old fabric mill spools?

    1. I’ve made a few floral arrangements with the old textile spools, and used them as decor in my home. I just got a few more though. I’ll have to think of something fabulous!

  2. We just did tye dye t-shirts with the kids this past week using fabric dyes. I have never tried dying fabric with Kool-Aid. Now I am curious. I have done tea dying on muslin which I love the look of.

  3. Love the idea of dying things with koolaid! I knew some kids would use it to dye their hair, but didn’t think to use it on fabric!
    I absolutely adore those cats. Do you have a tut?

    1. I submitted the article for the cats online. When it is published, I will post the link.

  4. I think using it on muslin would work great as long as it was for crafts and you didn’t rinse it out or wash it.

  5. just wondering what size you cut each square?? i am attempting these..don’t know why i ever bought rit dye!! love your blog, thanks
    and did you fill with pillow filling??

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