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A Little Paint and TLC

July 29, 2011

Other moms get flowers from their kids. I get junk. Gotta love ’em!

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. My son came home the other night with a “gift”. His friend helps his grandfather clean up and maintain several of his rental houses. This is what they found in one of the newly vacated ones.

The set was filthy (there was even mystery chunks on it). It was missing a leg on the table and one chair had two legs that looked like a dog had gotten a hold of them). And I swear it had fleas (the table set, not a dog).

The wheels in my head started turning. My dutiful husband cleaned it for me, and (believe it or not) he even found two table legs at a yard sale for 50 cents. He cut one leg to fit the table and used the other leg to replace the two legs on the chair.

I immediately got to work. I sanded the surface of the pieces first. I really needed a good tooth to the surface so that the purple and the pretty fairies could be covered up with paint. I painted all the pieces using a light grey paint. This worked well as a primer and as a first coat for the legs and bottoms (underneath).

Once dry, I painted a buttery yellow to the tabletop, seat tops and chair backs.

It looked better, but it needed style. I have a stash of old children’s books that I like to use for crafts. I cut out some images and applied them with Mod Podge.

The last touch was a pearl finish over all surfaces. I thinned Folk Art Metallic Pearl White paint half and half with water. I could have used it full strength, but I just wanted a light mist of pearl over the finish.

Do ya wanna join me for a tea party?


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  1. I would have totally done something like this for my kiddos when they were little too! Is this something for your granddaughter? Christmas gift??

  2. Thank you, Brenda! If there was an inexpensive way to ship it, I would. For now it will go to the shop for sale.

    1. hhmmmm….wonder if Z & B will be driving through your area on way or the other on their road trip?? maybe they could bring it back with them??

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