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Beginning a New Adventure

June 10, 2011

Hello! And welcome to my new adventure! Since my children are all completely grown (last one is almost there), I have decided to raise another baby. Ahem!…I really should knock on wood or something after that statement. Let me clarify. I do not want to change diapers or revisit the terrible twos (or the terrible teens for that matter). So…what I mean is…this is the official birth of Restyled Junk.

Hopefully it will be a place to share and inspire creative ideas using castoffs and secondhand junk. Everything is fair game and I am up for the challenge. I have been designing and writing about my trash to treasure transformations for several years, but never for a blog. I enjoy so many great craft blogs and the fabulous ideas and camaraderie that’s shared is amazing. I have always wanted to join the various weekly craft parties, but I didn’t have a blog to link to…until now! I really want to play a more active role in this wonderfully creative blog world, so I would love it if you joined me.

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  1. Yes! Congratulations and wishing you many happy times with your newest addition. I haven’t had a family yet, so I guess I’ll have to go through all of that first and THEN maybe I can craft a lot and do creative things. Lucky you. 😉 Trash to treasure is amazing and I’m glad you’ve started a blog on yours.

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