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Quickie Transformation

I’ve been working on a few easy craft transformations for my local store. I have several bare display spots that need to be filled in. Since I seem to have a gazillion things that need my attention right now, projects that require less time are about all I can do right now. These birdcages needed […]

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I Love My Friends!

Recently I struck gold twice! The first time was when a local crafty friend of mine was moving. She decided she didn’t want to craft anymore. I didn’t believe her, but I also wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. She offered me her supplies really cheap. I knew it was a […]

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Cover for a Cricut Expression

One of my recent articles on Yahoo! Shine Sew a Drawstring Cover for a Cricut Expression I love crafting with my Cricut, but it needed something to camouflage it from view when it wasn’t in use. This worked perfectly. Even if you don’t sew much, this pattern is simple enough for a beginner. Enjoy!

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Fourth of July | Trash to Treasure

Angel to Uncle Sam Redo

I am so pleased with this project. Since it is basically a one-of-a-kind project, I couldn’t really use it as an article. I will be selling the actual item locally though. It started out as a dirty wooden angel decoration that I got at an auction. The wings were gone. Poor thing. I cleaned it […]

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Just Saying...

Beginning a New Adventure

Hello! And welcome to my new adventure! Since my children are all completely grown (last one is almost there), I have decided to raise another baby. Ahem!…I really should knock on wood or something after that statement. Let me clarify. I do not want to change diapers or revisit the terrible twos (or the terrible […]

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